Every house has a soul, an identity that must be adapted to the needs of the owner and the surroundings. An identity that must be brought to the fore and restored to reality”.

This is the philosophy that guides the hand of Studio Codebò–Vergnano, in this case for an apartment of 200 square metres to be fully restored, in Megève. A mountain dwelling and as such a true home and refuge, which must be not only liveable but also comfortable, warm and cosy. So lighting plays a key role, with a preference for table and floor lamps, and sconces focused on specific objects, for a diffused effect and areas of light and shadow, suggesting new emotive boundaries for the space. There are frequent but subtle references to the mountains: objects with an alpine theme, faux fur lampshades, 3D icons of forest fauna and birdlife, art photography of snowy Icelandic landscapes.

This evocative layout is enhanced further by Pierre Frey fabrics, decorated with figures of reindeer, black on white and grey. The floors have been covered with deep taupe carpet. Here and there, bags and backpacks suggest the idea of ​​departures and arrivals. The furnishings are completed with antique wooden furniture, chosen as catalysts of life and history. The result is a house swathed in peace and quiet, which wants to offer shelter from the madness of city life. A home to love, and to return to.

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